3. Book Your Travel!

Acquiring miles is only one part of the process. You also have to know how to use them!

It’s important to understand that miles housed in Chase or Amex don’t expire but they do have an expiration date in most airlines, so it is best to keep them in your rewards program of your credit card until you are ready to fly. This also opens you up to more flying options.

There are many travel partners for both of credit card companies, so it is just a matter of:

  1. Finding your flight first.
  2. Transferring the miles.
  3. Booking your flight.
  4. Traveling to your next dream destination…
  5. With champagne in hand!
My first class ‘suite’ from Dubai to SFO… 16 hours of pure luxury + a shower on board #myohmy

Don’t know how to book your own flights, reach out to meĀ and I can offer the expertise about airlines, flight bookings, entry points to countries and continents, etc. that I have gained from my own experience of booking miles flights to 50 countries and counting!